Our Concept

Marquee Limo Co. is a luxury limo service in Charleston, SC that offers transportation for weddings, nights out, corporate events, airport commutes and parties.


Using a combination of color scheme, texture and typography in the hero image, we tailored the site to represent a “fun night out” mentality to appeal to the individuals and decision makers responsible for organizing a memorable night for their guests. We implemented a carousel style image rotator featuring weddings, corporate travel, and fun nights out to appeal to a range of audience segments who can benefit from luxury limo services.


Because limo service relies on a reservation-based model, we included a definitive reservation form as the first item on the homepage below the hero area. We also included a sidebar that highlights the different service areas and links to their respective landing pages, each of which provide valuable insights about that particular limo service as well as an on-page reservation form.


How It Closes Business

As opposed to a generic contact form, our version allows users to more precisely define their what they need in their service. Visitors enter contact information and can select a date, time, pickup and dropoff locations, type of service and particular vehicle. This more thorough model creates a fuller experience and gives visitors confidence that they’re interacting with a reputable company who will respond promptly to their needs. We decided to include the reservation form on the interior pages of the site so that prospects landing on a specific page (i.e. “Wedding Transportation”) can seamlessly reserve their limo without having to navigate to additional pages. This simple but critical change reduces bounce rates improves lead volume.


This website produces reservations on a regular basis and has allowed Marquee to grow its clientele significantly since the launch.


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