Our Concept

Sarji Law Firm, LLC is a family law firm that handles divorce, property division and alimony cases in Charleston, SC. The purpose of this site was to improve responses and quality leads.


We decided to feature a subtle professional design intended to convey the message that “everything is going to be okay” to accommodate the audience, many of whom are going through one of the toughest times in their lives. The tagline “your problems are now ours” encapsulates how hiring a law firm can solve the problem that the audience is facing.


This site targets individuals Рboth men and women Рwho are experiencing family law issues. This distinction is important because many law firm sites are slanted towards either women or men, thus making themselves less attractive to the opposite gender. The separate sections provide information pertinent to men and women and make it clear that Sarji Law Firm offers is services to both parties.


How It Closes Business

We realized that many people seeking divorce counsel and family law services have specific questions that they need answered right away. We placed a large phone number and contact form on the homepage to take advantage of the emotional connection we established with the design as soon as possible.


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