Our Concept

Anastopoulo Law Firm  is a South Carolina personal injury law firm offering legal counsel for those who have been injured or need assistance seeking workers compensation or medical malpractice claims. This site is aimed towards engaging those potential clients to call and seek help or inquire about their accident or situation. In an effort to eliminate distraction, we featured a photo of the firm as the singular graphic element in the featured area to humanize the firm.


How It Closes Business

Of all the law firm practice areas, personal injury is among the most competitive. Individuals seeking personal injury claims usually consider their issues urgent, so we decided to purpose the site towards eliciting a direct response from visitors. The contrast between the phone number makes it one of the first things visitors see when landing on the page, helping improve response rates. We set the contact form alongside the image of the firm in an effort to immediate capture information from those who have verified the firm.



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