Are You Taking Advantage of Social Media Marketing?

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever for businesses to interact directly with potential clients. For the past several years, one of the most popular topics in the online marketing sphere has been the value of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as they pertain to accomplishing marketing and business goals.


Social can accomplish a number of goals. Businesses can use it as a branding and visibility tool. They can use it as a news and content sharing tool. Or they can use it to interact with customers and potential clients. Whatever the goal, social media can be extremely effective in helping your business establish a connection with your online audience.


Charleston SEO’s Social Media Marketing Focuses

Facebook Marketing

Are you taking advantage of the world’s largest social network?Facebook offers access to thousands of South Carolina Internet users in various industries and geographical regions. Charleston SEO Firm ensures you’re taking advantage of this multifaceted and social audience. We build, manage and monitor your Facebook profile in a way that engages targeted members of the social community.


Twitter Marketing

Are you updating your Twitter page and interacting with potential customers and other businesses? Charleston SEO Firm manages your presence on one of the fastest-growing websites in the world, helping you promote your expertise and build relationships with the people and entities that matter to your business.


Google+ Marketing

What better way to market your brand than to use the preferred social network of the world’s largest search engine? Google+ is a relatively newer social networkthat integrates seamlessly with other Google services such as Gmail and YouTube.


Google has also introduced Authorship and Publisher markup, which use Google+ to identify relationships between authors, publishers and websites. The new protocol will play a large future role in helping Google identify the quality of a site and the content that originates on that site.


Charleston SEO Firm helps you manage your Google+ community and build authority for your business using Google’s tools. We set up your profile, integrate it with your website and other Google services and build communities around your content and the value you provide.


The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social search signals

A lot of businesses look at social media as a novelty or trend that’s likely to pass. But based on the actions of Google – the world’s leading search engine, it’s here to stay.


Major search engines hold social businesses in especially high regard. Having a cohesive strategy that takes advantage of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ demonstrate your commitment to openness and online interaction.


Content syndication and sharing

Successful online marketing campaigns are centered on great content. But if you just post your content on your blog and don’t promote it to your audience, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to engage potential clients, drive traffic to your site and reap the benefits of social sharing.


Social media enables you to syndicate your content to your followers. At the very least, you’re producing and providing for your followers. As a best-case scenario, your article, Facebook post or Tweet could garner attention that results


Relationship building& interaction

Perhaps the most important benefit of social media is the relationships you build through interacting with your audience. An online presence built on two-way conversation, interaction and relationship building can be a powerful tool for the small business owner who wants to appear transparent, involved and concerned with what others are saying about the company and brand.


Publish content. Garner attention. Build relationships. Get in touch with the Charleston SEO Firm today.


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