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These days, search engines gauge your site based in large part on the quality of your content. In order to build a solid foundation for SEO and Internet marketing success, you need to ensure that you’re publishing high-quality content both on your site and at other places on the web.


If we just jump straight into an SEO campaign without ensuring that the content aligns with your keyword and business goals, we won’t come close to seeing the full impact of our efforts. Charleston SEO campaigns start with the information architecture and content development phase, ensuring that there’s a solid framework in place that drives results for your website and your business.

Let the Charleston SEO Firm develop your content so you can see the full benefit of your website marketing efforts.


Building Online Authority with Content


You want the attention of a particular segment of the online audience. But amid the information overload that exists on the worldwide web, you’re having trouble getting the attention of that audience. You need to somehow convince those audience members that they should pay attention to what you have to say. One way to achieve this is to offer valuable content that’s relevant to their interests.


We get attention from the online audience by providing top-notch content that gets found both on your website and throughout the World Wide Web – by the people who care what your business has to say.


Blogging & Industry News

Google values content “freshness” as an important rankings indicator, meaning sites that frequently update their sites with new content are rewarded. Even if your website has great core content, it’s vital to have and maintain a blog that you update on a frequent basis so that search engines see that it’s current and has a “people” component to it.


Aside from its freshness benefits, blogging presents a way to connect with your audience, deliver value and provide relevant information about your industry or niche.


Guest Blogs

Guest blogging is an effective way to share your knowledge and expertise with a new audience. The best Internet marketing campaigns incorporate an outreach strategy that targets guest bloggers and niche websites whose audience can benefit fromyour content. For example, a guest blog post about “Top Ways to Avoid Breaking Things When You Move,” is attractive to prospective movers and can open up a relationship between your business and the person who finds your content.


Video Marketing

These days, search engines and people alike gravitate towards rich media such as videos. At Charleston SEO Firm, we can help you convey what you do and how you’re good at in video form, and we promote that video so you see the ultimate benefit in terms of search rankings and audience engagement. Ask us today about our professional South Carolina marketing videos.

The advantages of content marketing


Goodwill, reputation & trust

Consistently posting good, applicable content on your blog, website and social media profiles lets the public know that you’re committed to your business and your online brand. It helps you build a solid reputation and earn trust from those who may wish to buy your product or use your service.


Direct referral traffic

Content marketing can bring traffic directly to your website, blog or product and service landing pages. Most content marketing pieces will include a reference to your website. Users finding the content you’ve published valuable can go straight from the content to the page you want them to see.


SEO relevance

Many content marketing pieces will “link back” to your website. Because Google values quality links rooted in great content, linking back in this way can provide long-term value in the search rankings. A consistent content marketing strategy takes advantage of these opportunities and seeks to use content as a method for building your website’s link authority.


Great content and a solid strategy is missing from your Internet marketing campaign. Get it today – call the Charleston SEO Firm.


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