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Social media has become a huge part any modern brand’s online strategy. It’s a valuable resource and tool that allows a company to connect with their fans and consumers like never before. It allows them to distribute branded content to people who actually care. The benefits of connecting with consumers are numerous. Building relationships, building trust in your brand and keeping your company or product top-of-mind when users enter the buying cycle. Surprisingly, few brands view fans or followers as a serious resource.

Crowd-sourcing is a concept that encapsulates the values and practices of the social Web. Broadly speaking, crowd-sourcing refers to the practice of asking your followers and fans to submit ideas, designs or original content as part of an initiative to increase interaction with your brand. At the same time gaining valuable insight and even content to use in other areas of your brand’s marketing strategy. It’s a technique that not only stimulates engagement, but allows brands and publishers to reap the benefits and talents of their most loyal customers.

So what can crowd-sourcing really do for your brand and how should you go about setting up and implementing a crowd-sourcing campaign? Read more from the original article.

As a Charleston Social Media Firm and SEO company, we wanted to share this important Google update with you. We always try to share the latest internet marketing news as often as we can. If you have any questions about how these privacy changes might affect your website, or just need help with Charleston SEO, in general, please get in touch with our firm today.  Thanks.

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