With over 4 billion active websites in the world, every day it get’s less likely that someone will find yours. Regardless of the search term, it is hard these days to get to the top of page one for any valuable search term. The trick is to compete with the least amount of websites possible. To avoid competing with businesses that are outside of the country, state or even city, focus on local Charleston SC search engine optimization.


Businesses that have real Charleston addresses benefit the most from local SC search engine optimization. Local SEO campaigns tend to do well when there are goods or services that can’t be shipped to the user’s home by mail. Services like divorce lawyers, moving, flooring and goods such as furniture are examples of things that people will leave their homes to purchase after finding them through a local search on Google.

An example of a localized search would be something such as ‘Summerville divorce lawyer.’ Which our client happens to be #1 for, just sayin. Google interprets the phrase to mean the user is searching for a business that is involved with divorces near Summerville.

Search engines like Google will pull up businesses near the physical location, in this case Summerville, SC with a map of nearby results. This allows the user to select from a handful of nearby businesses instead of worldwide.

Those ‘local listings’ usually A-G, instill authenticity and trust in a searcher. 30% of all local clicks go to those Seven listings. Smart phone users especially love them, being able to quickly call or map the location.

But the biggest value of doing local search engine optimization the right way is that the people who do land on your site are very likely to become customers. A customized experience for visitors to a local website, as studies have shown will result in more conversions than a national website with internal pages focusing on regions.

So, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Local SEO isn’t the only thing your company should do, but it definitely should be the first. Talk to the people who are looking for help right now! Work with a Charleston SC search engine optimization firm!

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